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From the President's Desk            

Law is an essential ingredient of any civilised society. It punishes the guilty and protects the innocent and thus ensures social security and public peace. Absence of law means chaos and confusion, death and destruction. Progress in any field is possible only when the rule of law prevails. An artist can create art, a poet can write poetry, a musician can compose tunes and a farmer can grow food only in the atmosphere of peace. Most of the poeple who are exploited in the society are those who have no knowledge of law. Law settles disputes and brings about rapproachement betweeb warring parties. There are laws and laws, some laws are hard and fast and have to be applied strictly while there are other laws which can be applied or winked at according as our commonsense dictates us. Sometimes law-makers become law-breakers. In orer to keep themselves firmly saddled in the seat of power, they effect drastic changes in law to suit their needs. The study of law becomes imperative for those who want to know about the various aspects of law. It makes a man rational being and also enables him to test controversial events on the touchstone of law, before reaching at an inviolable conclusion. K.C.L Institute of Laws provides an opportunity to those, especially girls, who are interested in the study of law and then adopt a judicial profession.

With best wishes,

Balbir Kaur


 Governing Council

From the Secretary's Desk

We are living in an age when male chauvinism is in full cry. Women are humiliated, tortured and deprived of what their due is. They do know how to counter the repression let loose on them in the society. They have no knowledge of law of land and are thus absolutely ignorant of the rights guaranteed to them in the constitution. With a view to creating awareness in them by improving law-education, we launched K.C.L Institution of Laws. No doubt the Institution is in its infancy, it has already carved a niche for itself ampong other law colleges affiliated to the Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. Right from its inception, the Institution has been a front-runner by winning top-positions in the university examinations. The Institution is housed in a newly-built imposing building equipped with modern amenities. It has a well-stocked library where books containing latest information can be had for the asking. We have on our teaching staff a band of dedicated teachers who help the students to meet their aspirations. Those who seek to join the Institution will find for themselves that there is more here than meet their eyes. We are always ready to receive you with open arms and warm hearts.

With best wishes,

Sardarni Urmiljit Kaur


Governing Council

From the Principal's Desk


Knowledge of law is essential for every citizen. It aims at delivering all without any fear or favour. Justice can be achieved only within the ambit of law. The objective of law itself is to promote justice. Law is often understood as machinery for social control, for chastising individuals of a politically organised society. The profession of law is a highly competitive business and it requires a lot of effort to make a mark. I feel highly privileged and thankful to the management of Khalsa College Lyallpur Education Charitable Trust to provide me with an opportunity to serve this institution and spread legal education among legally ignorant people and also to inspire the students of this area to attain competitive level of education. Our aim is to spread legal education by inculcating among students of law a high sense of discipline and responsibility and preparing them for the competitive world to give to the nation best legal professionals and good citizens. The day is not far off when the products of this college shall be competing in the judicial; services and higher administrative cadres and ensuring their selection or going with utmost confidence to the legal profession or the multinational corporate legal services. The university results of the Instituton fully bear testimony to the soundness of my belief. Achievements of the students show the academic excellence of our Institution. K.C.L Institute of Laws is always there to meet all your needs and to provide you best in the field of legal education. Such institutions are built in a day. The real institution requires transparent vision, mature guidenace and selfless dedication on the part of its managers. We are fortunate that our College Govering Council possesses these qualities in abundance. The Institution is, therefore bound to touch new pinnacles of glory. I express my deep sense of gratitude to the Govering Council for its unflinching support and dynamic approval towards education in general and law-education in particular.

With best wishes,

Daljit Kaur Saggu